Display Quality Logo

Do you only have a jpg or png version of your logo. Often times these are not of a high enough quality to give you the clean crisp logo on sometime as large as a banner or display. We can turn your jpg or png logo into vector art, letting you scale it to the size of a house and not lose any quality.
One-time fee of $135
Can be added to one of our other design options for a onetime fee of $100
We will give you the final EPS version of your logo to use wherever you would like.
Colors will be closes match to the CMYK version of the logo you provide.
Some logos that include photos cannot be turned into vector art, please contact us and let see if your logo is a candidate for this option.

Designed Template Displays

We have over 20 pre-designed templates ready for use on 4 to 8 ft banners and retractable banners. This saves time and money for everyone. You simply pick from one of our pre-designed options, supply your vector logo, some text and a picture if needed and we handle the rest. It’s the fastest way to get your new banner into production.
You pick a template, provide your logo and text
We will send you a PDF proof to make sure everything is perfect.
After you approved your jobs goes straight to production, it couldn’t be easier.
You must select one of the predesigned options and no changes will be included

Display Design Help

You’ve mocked up the perfect design for your banner, the problem is it’s in Word. You have the text, the logo and the picture but it’s all in PowerPoint. We can help take your mocks and get them ready for production.
You provide us with your mock, the text, your vector logo and pictures and we create the artwork for production.
Our design expert will call or email you to make sure they are on the same page as to your goals and that they understand your mock correctly.
You will get a proof to review before printing and this option comes with one round of revisions if you need to make some minor changes.
Limited to single Retractable Banner stands, Individual Banners or Backwall Displays up to 20’

Display Creative

You have a logo and you know you need a display but where do you go from there. Display creative is here to help. We will talk with you and understand what you need to do. Design the display and get everything ready for production. All you have to do is not worry, we have it covered
When you order write up a little on what you are looking for and send us your logo.
Our design expert will call you and go over your objectives, work up 2 different mocks for you to review.
This includes 2 rounds of revisions
Limited to single Retractable Banner stands, Individual Banners or Backwall Displays up to 20’

Blocks of Design Time
Select Option

Do you need a full both design completed or something more than just a display. From large island displays, Hybrid Pro displays or even a handout or brochure, maybe you need some swag or even some website graphics to promote your next event. If you are unsure where to start, how to proof and what to send to the printer we can handle everything. BDT’s are based on hours and the more you purchase the better the value is per hour. You’ll need to talk with us so we can give you an estimate on how long it will take to complete your requested project so contact us now and lets get started.
2 Hour Block – $180
5 Hour Block – $425
(save $25)
10 Hour Block – $800
(save $100)
Hours are purchase in advance of work starting and non-refundable. They are tracked and worked off by our design experts in 15 minute increments.

In support of our our medical workers and businesses trying to navigate through the pandemic we have offered some predesigned as well as custom products that will help with communication and operations.

Floor Graphics
Select floor graphics that will help instruct customers about maintaining social distances to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus Covid-19.
Curbside Pickup

The perfect curbside banners to display that you are open for business during this difficult time.

Retractable Displays
Stop the spread of Coronavirus Covid-19 by giving your customers a list of acceptable behaviour for social distancing and tips on cleanliness with these retractable displays.
Testing Tents
Protect your self and contain your testing inside these popup tents. Add sidewalls to keep yourself safe from exposure.
Yard Signs
Show your support for our first responders or upload your own design to show your message.

Educational Posters

Show the importance of proper hand washing in this removable mirror or window cling.

Home Office Backdrops

Personal Protection Equipment



Charging Stations


Ipad Stands


Literature and Brochure Stands

Kiosks and Monitor Stands

Tabletop Kits and Counters

Zoom Flex Accessories